A shake up to paddling races!

The Bamboo Warehouse Push and Pull Paddle is an event that will change what you think a canoeing race can be.

An adventure packed and stress free weekend awaits during the Woman’s Day public holiday weekend from the 9th to 11th of August for paddlers of every walk of life.

Arrive at the start with a boat, paddle, bag of clothes and eyes ready to be opened to a weekend of absolute bliss for three days on the Berg River.

Starting in Val de Vie Estate, amongst the stunning Franschhoek mountain range, and winding down a fun and friendly river for three days through picturesque Cape Winelands, paddlers can expect to be treated to a weekend of luxury.

Pay one flat entry fee and be provided with meals for three days, tented accommodation along the way, and a festival atmosphere to make the public holiday weekend an unforgettable one.

A Event of Firsts and an Event Worth Doing!